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We Transform Your Business into the Agile Digital Intelligent
Enterprise of Tomorrow!

Digitise. Modernise. Innovate. Automate.
Sybrin Apex


Digitally transform your business

Digital transformation is about reinventing your business model, automating business processes, and creating engaging customer journeys using digital technologies. The Sybrin Technology Stack, combined with our highly skilled consultants, provides a framework for your rapid digital transformation journey.

Sybrin Apex


Refresh and extend your legacy

Core legacy systems can still render great business value, but in most instances they are no longer under the control of IT, and are also inflexible, outdated, chaotic, and difficult to support. The Sybrin Technology Stack allows you to rapidly modernise legacy systems, enabling your business to win, serve, and retain customers, as well as bring the legacy system back under IT’s control.

Sybrin Apex


Reinvent your business model

At Sybrin, we pride ourselves on turning ideas into innovative solutions, that will create competitive advantages for our customers. The Sybrin Technology Stack is ideally suited to rapidly build, test, and refine innovative app concepts. Bring us your business ideas and we will turn them into a digital business.

Sybrin Apex


Creating the intelligent enterprise of tomorrow

The advent of globalisation and digitisation has placed businesses under increasing pressure to do more, with less. Today, businesses need to be leaner and smarter, and are expected to fulfil their customer’s requests instantly. Our goal is to achieve true “cognitive” and “intelligent” process automation by using AI to enable.

Our Expertise
Digital Transformation Intelligent Process Automation Artificial Intelligence (AI) Banking Insurance Project Delivery

Our Technology

Omni-Channel Digital Banking Operating System

The Sybrin Digital Banking Operating System is a highly customisable multi-experience digital banking operating system which can be deployed on top of any core banking system.

Deliver apps in days and deliver real business impact fast

Build engaging customer experiences with pixel perfect design

Clear your IT backlog

Get Business and IT aligned

Enterprise grade business apps built by non-developers

Adapt for change

Innovate Fast

Modernise your legacy systems

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Deliver Real Business Impact Fast

Built for both the Power and Citizen Developer, the Sybrin Platform enables a Rapid Application Development (RAD) that allows the agile enterprise to Build, Model, and Deploy Multi-Experience Apps fast, without any compromises.

Fast and flexible app delivery

Create engaging customer experiences

Modernise legacy systems

Clear your IT backlog

Repurpose and reuse your digital assets

Innovate fast

Enable your Power Developers

Enable your Citizen Developers

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Integrated Artificial Intelligence Platform

The AI-enabled enterprise is here, Sybrin AI is an integrated AI platform that aims to reduce low-level cognitive work within the enterprise, thereby drastically improving process automation and reducing costs.

Enable intelligent process automation

Reduce low-level cognitive work

Maximise profit by reducing operational costs

Delight your customer with faster processing times

Reduce human error within the operations centre

Improve productivity and efficiency

Shorten business cycles

Reduce data entry costs

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