Fraud Risk Manager | FRM

Effortless Compliance in a Digital World.

Mitigate fraud risk and reduce losses by improving the detection and prevention of anomalies across all channels using flexible rule sets and predictive analyses.

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how it works

Inspect. Detect. Prevent.

Perform real-time checks on potential fraud and money laundering and prevent it from happening. Our solution supports our customer's employees and improves their efficiency in combating money laundering and fraudulent activities.

Why it works
Our Fraud and Risk Management solution uses:

Computer Vision Machine Learning Classification Extraction Tooling The Indexing of Structured and Unstructured Data


Key Performance Indicator Engine Open-source Intelligence (OSINT) Case Management and Investigation

Processes to verify submitted documents such as:

ID/Passport Source of Income Residence Address Company Documents Tax Documents Bank Statements Other Documents

The solution covers various transaction channels including, but not limited to:

Internet Banking Mobile Banking ATM/Debit Cards Credit Cards Lending Branch Banking/Tellering Remittance Clearing Treasury Trust Cash Management System SWIFT

The six building blocks of Sybrin FRM:

Case Management

Process Control Investigation Audit


Machine Learning/AI Classification Automatic Extraction

Data Management

Consolidation Filtering Lists Governance


Rules Processes Models


Real-time Predictive Alerts


Transacting Messages Audit

why it works

Easy-to-Use Configuration.

Our solution's capability is developed on the below functional layers, these are the logical blocks of the Sybrin Fraud Risk Management Platform. It is built on our Low-Code Application Development layer, the Case Management layer, and provides a unique SDK and API layer for accessing source information from third-party and internal systems, as well as AI/Machine Learning and predictive statistical models. The Orchestration layer provides easy to use configuration of these sources and rules, which is then consumed by KYC/Onboarding layers and the AML/Fraud modules.

Fraud Risk ManagementSolutions

KYC / Onboarding


Banking Fraud
Insurance Fraud
Fraud Services / Orchestration / Portal
Case Manager
Sybrin Platform

Open-source Transactional Monitoring Engine

Data Sources

why choose us

Powerful. Customisable. Proven.

Our solution is a powerful tool built to mitigate the risks associated with fraud. Its customisable nature, automated processes, real-time monitoring, streamlined workflow, and proven track record make it an excellent choice for organisations looking to protect themselves and their customers from fraud.

the difference

Open-Source Transactional Monitoring.

Sybrin has been selected by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Financial Services for the Poor Program to lead the design and build of an open-source transactional monitoring system for fraud and risk management. Various industry experts have been pulled together to design a new, best of breed engine and make it freely available in order to reduce the costs involved with risk and compliance, and therefore reduce the cost of banking, lending, and various other financial services.

Millions of people remain trapped in a cycle of poverty that is very difficult to escape. About 1.7 billion people worldwide are excluded from formal financial services, such as savings, payments, insurance, and credit. In developing economies, only 63 percent of adults have an account. Women are excluded from these beneficial financial systems more often. Nearly one billion are still left out of the formal financial system. This is a cycle we are proud to be working with partners like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to put an end to.

How this benefits our customers

Our customers will benefit from these efforts as we implement the transactional monitoring engine into the Sybrin fraud risk management platform and tooling.

Provide a more efficient state of the art fraud detection system.

Provide a more effective and capable fraud detection system.

When combined with our solution, benefit from a powerful and robust solution that is easy to use.

Leverage the combined experience and resources of a multitude of experts.

Reduce the costs of our solutions, so you can, in turn, reduce the cost of yours.


Real-Time Monitoring for Real-Time Prevention.

Advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms combined to detect suspicious transactions and patterns in real-time to give you the upper hand.

Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics of a transaction with sub-second decision notifications and alerts.

Restful APIs

Restful APIs are included as standard and allow the solution to ingest the information required to process, analyse, and issue notifications or alerts with recommended actions.

Risk-based assessments

Risk-based assessments calculated on each typology and a combination of typologies and trigger the appropriate action(s).


Trigger actions, responses, apply comments, collaborate, and correspond within the case and with external parties.


Establish Continuous Control Monitoring.

Data Capturing

Data capture, analysis, and thematic segmentation of structured and unstructured information.

Data Analytics

Big data analytics module combined with a rules engine with predefined rules of KPI and administrational access for customisation of the rules.

Rapid deployment.

Suspicious Patterns

Data matching and data mining for suspicious patterns within internal databases with connected Open-Source Intelligence.

KYC Requirements

Identify, classify, and capture KYC requirements accurately and efficiently.

Monitor Databases

Monitor publicly accessible databases and blacklists, actively crosscheck for potential links with internal database.


Integrate Open-source Intelligent (Facebook, Twitter, Web, public company register).

Case Management

Advanced Case Management module dedicated to keeping track of decision-making.


High level of accuracy and acceptable false positive ratios.

Pre-built Dashboards

Pre-built dashboards that you can customise, and built in report and dashboard generation tools.


Integrate with various third-party data sources required for validation/verifications.


Reduced Risk, Increased Compliance.

Proactively manage your fraud risks and protect your business from financial losses and reputational damage.

Detect and Alert

Automatically detect and alert, in near real time 24/7, 365 days a year, on potential fraud before it happens.


Automated, digitised, and streamlined from start to finish.

Transaction Analysis

Real-time transaction analysis for potential errors and discrepancies.

Control and Visibility

Real-time operations control and visibility.

Risk Financial Fraud

Reduce the risk of financial fraud in real time, near time, and batch.

Risk of Anti-Money Laundering

Reduce the risk of anti-money laundering in real time, near time, and batch.

Process Findings

Statistically process findings for the purposes of predictive analysis.


Screening and risk profile a client while also managing client records.

Client Documents

Upload, update, and manage client documents.

Compliance Statuses

Check/confirm/update client compliance statuses.


Grant permission to group businesses and partners.


Run reports to provide compliance reporting and confirm a client's compliance status.

Maintain Critical Lists

The ability to subscribe to, manage and maintain critical lists such as sanction screening, PEP, and the bank's own internal lists.

Sybrin Platform - Use Cases

use cases

Holistic Solutions for Complex Challenges.

We offer a diverse range of products that cater to various industries and use cases. These include digital transformation solutions, payment systems, customer communication management, workflow automation tools, and more. Our solutions can be tailored to address your specific requirements.