Webinar 26 Oct 2021

Is Self-Sovereign Identity Going Exponential?

As the world turns towards digitisation to streamline processes and introduce efficiencies, and we navigate a landscape shaped by contactless interactions, the concept of self-sovereign identities has risen to the challenge of providing a means to enable users to own, manage, and control their own data. Not only does this enable them peace of mind in that their data can remain secure and encrypted, but it also grants them the autonomy that has been lacking in our current modus operandi.

We explore this concept in more detail with Colin Iles and Andrew Baker in a discussion which tackles whether SSI is indeed the next Game Changer?

Webinar 24 Nov 2021

The Future of Financial Crime

Game Changers explores the individuals and technologies that are transforming industries. In this session, Colin Iles was in conversation with Absa's Group Head Of Financial Crime, Nic Swingler, to learn more about the true size and scale of financial crime and what our institutions are doing to fight back. They explored how technology is a game-changer, for both criminals and institutions alike.

Webinar 8 March 2022

How to Build a Viral Super App

In this edition, Colin Iles chats to our guest, Gour Lentell - Founder of MoyaApp, about building a viral super app. Giving access to instant messaging, payments, a news service, and more, all #datafree through their innovative use of reverse-billing technology, Gour and his team set out to disrupt the status quo. Join us as he explains how it all began, where it's going, and how this type of innovative tech can benefit users and businesses alike.

Webinar 30 May 2022

The Future of Payments

In this edition of Game Changers, Colin Iles talks to Jan Pilbauer; CEO of BankservAfrica. Jan discusses how the majority of the transactions in South Africa are still cash-based and how their Rapid Payments Programme (RPP) aims to improve the future of payments. This coincides with the South African Reserve Bank’s ‘Vision 2025’ and ‘Project Future’ from the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA), to foster financial inclusion in the country and across the region.

Webinar 30 June 2022

The Art & Science of Data-Led Decisioning

Roger Grobler, Co-Founder and Partner of the Ethos AI Fund, sat down with Colin Iles in this edition of Game Changers to discuss the future of AI in data-led decisioning. Watch the webinar to find out more about Roger’s background and how he ended up as the partner of a fund that invests in businesses that can benefit from algorithmic- and data-driven decision making to disrupt the market with this new business model.

Webinar 01 Aug 2022

Inclusive Innovation

We had another exciting session in our Game Changers webinar series. In this edition, our host Colin Iles was joined by Tashmia Ismail-Saville, Vice President of MaRS Discovery District and Founder of the YES Programme to discuss the concept of inclusive innovation. In recognition of SA Women’s Month, they also tackle some controversial topics around bias and sexism in the workplace. Watch as Tashmia shares her own encounters, how she dealt with it during her journey, and what organisations can do to eradicate it.

Webinar 08 Nov 2022

The Future of Blockchain

In our latest edition of Game Changers, Colin Iles and Monica Singer delve into the Future of Blockchain. Monica is the founder and former CEO of Strate, and is currently the South Africa Lead for ConsenSys. Watch the webinar video to find out more about the exciting topics of cryptocurrencies, government-backed digital currencies, decentralised finance, and decentralised autonomous organisations.

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