Webinar 26 Oct 2021

Is Self-Sovereign Identity Going Exponential?

As the world turns towards digitisation to streamline processes and introduce efficiencies, and we navigate a landscape shaped by contactless interactions, the concept of self-sovereign identities has risen to the challenge of providing a means to enable users to own, manage, and control their own data. Not only does this enable them peace of mind in that their data can remain secure and encrypted, but it also grants them the autonomy that has been lacking in our current modus operandi.

We explore this concept in more detail with Colin Iles and Andrew Baker in a discussion which tackles whether SSI is indeed the next Game Changer?

Webinar 24 Nov 2021

The Future of Financial Crime

Game Changers explores the individuals and technologies that are transforming industries. In this session, Colin Iles was in conversation with Absa's Group Head Of Financial Crime, Nic Swingler, to learn more about the true size and scale of financial crime and what our institutions are doing to fight back. They explored how technology is a game-changer, for both criminals and institutions alike.

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