Using AI to Revolutionise Processes

Sybrin is proud to welcome our new AI Coaches. Using our Low-Code Platform, we've developed a means to build complex solutions to process documents and teach the AI solution to extract data in the correct format to assist entry-level employees. Using the Sybrin Data Extraction Tool to extract documented information and utilising their skillset to format and build a structure to facilitate the creation of an AML process, our AI Coaches are part of our move to interconnected and integrated digitisation.

The move from single digitisation to interconnected integrated digitisation is getting businesses to rethink, redesign, and reinvent their pace in the economic and social world of the near and distant futures. In such volatile times, businesses are, more than ever before, required to understand the new world around them and provide a sense of purpose for their organisation and their workforce.

Using AI to Revolutionise Processes

“As businesses and citizens emerge from the global lockdown situation into a world that will most probably look different, we will realise how the pandemic, in many respects, accelerated the need to remove many inefficiencies that have existed for many decades and centuries. Some examples of these inefficiencies, that remain very relevant are the low penetration of e-commerce on our continent, elderly citizens queueing for social grants on a monthly basis, people having to travel far to bank branches to attend to financial matters, long-winded approval processes, and endless manual FICA and RICA processing – to name a few.”

Marius Mare

According to a report released by technology giant, Siemens, the adoption of digitalisation in industrial sectors, ranging from transport to manufacturing, could potentially add R4-trillion to the African economy by 2026. By constantly evaluating the future needs of business, we can improve our knowledge of anticipated skills and recruitment needs and incentivise and support various partnerships and initiatives. Mare says, “As business processes are being digitised, and advanced technologies like Machine Learning and AI become more pervasive, the nature of work and jobs will change. New roles such as AI Coaches, UX Designers, and Low-Code Developers are emerging - and at Sybrin, we are embracing these changes and advancements by creating new roles in our organisation that will support new digital solutions.” South Africa has emerged as one of the countries with the highest potential to drive this innovation. What it has lacked however, is the skilled workforce needed to tap into this digital market. At Sybrin, we believe it is crucial to grow the pool of future skills available to the South African market and, ultimately, sustain our success as a high-performance business. Therefore, we are focused on enhancing and improving the skillsets within our organisation with tech like Cloud, AI, and Machine Learning.

There are three big drivers in enterprise software development: Software Value, Software Ownership, and Software Architecture. These core drivers are what led Sybrin to strategically invest in the development of a Rapid Application Development Platform called Sybrin Platform. Built for both the Power and Citizen Developer, Sybrin Platform allows the agile enterprise to build, model, and deploy multi-experience apps. To address the shortage of development skills in the market due to digital transformation across all industries, the Sybrin Platform platform allows for Citizen Developers and Power Developers to easily address their specific requirements. This, and the commitment to preparing the South African youth for a digital future, are many positives to get us excited about the future of digital in South Africa, especially amongst the youth.

For Mare, he says, “All organisations must relook their operating models and identify areas where new skills are required and think about how staff can be reskilled and redeployed. Many of the new roles in the digital economy will not require fixed locations and can be outcome-based, hence changing fixed cost structures significantly.”

As Sybrin, we are finding ways to harness our particular skills and expertise to equip young people with the tools and knowledge required to flourish in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are playing our part in youth job creation as we are aware of the need to ensure that South Africa’s young people enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution with the right skills and expertise.

We would like to congratulate the new starters on becoming part of our team and welcome them in joining us on the frontline of innovation. As Sybrin, we are purposeful in our quest to empower them to lead the way and, in fact, pioneer new ways of working in the digital age.

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