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Evolving Learning and Enabling People Process Technology

Sybrin’s Knowledge Centre

Sybrin’s Knowledge Centre

Sybrin’s Knowledge Centre empowers your business through developing and enabling human potential – true to our motto; “Evolving learning and enabling people, process, and technology”. Education is not just about learning — it’s also about people.

Our expertise is to design training to ensure your people, process, and technology converge effectively to create business value.

Training Formats

We employ certified training professionals with extensive product and project experience to ensure the best possible outcome.

Standard classroom (in-person or virtual)

Our classroom training courses provide expert-led training to empower your business through developing and enabling your employees’ potential.

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Customised workshop-based

This option provides tailored training to match your organisation’s training preferences and unique Sybrin solution focused on specific business requirements.

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Use our e-learning management system for skills development, enhancement, and testing from the comfort of your own office chair.

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Our Methodology

The key to long-term success in a new software solution environment is knowledge. Upon installation of a new software solution in your organisation, Sybrin’s training team tailors a programme that uniquely fits your staff’s experience level, and your environment, to ensure that they are ready to master the new system.

By blending theory with practice, our holistic learning system means you can look forward to a learning experience that provides you with insightful acumen, the ability to both master yourself and lead and manage others, and a relevant and practical theory and methodology that is tried and trusted in practice in your own workplace.