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YES to a future that works

The Youth Employment Service (YES) is a social compact between government, business, and labour created to give one million youth one million opportunities to succeed while securing South Africa’s economic prosperity. As Sybrin, we are playing our part by recruiting eligible candidates that comply with the relevant parameters as AI Coaches within the business.

“Through this programme, we not only have the privilege of rewriting the story of young South Africans, but we also participate in building critical skills to futureproof our nation.”

Karabo Moloko
CEO - Sybrin SA

Using the Sybrin Data Extraction Tool to extract documented information and utilising their newly acquired skillset to format and build a structure to facilitate the creation of an AML process, our AI Coaches are part of our move to interconnected and integrated digitisation. They are provided with the fundamentals of workplace etiquette, time management, and critical thinking through the training programme. With our AI Coaches, Sybrin has bridged the gap with some of the programming fundamentals that are regularly used in a programming environment, opening new career paths for individuals. The position of an AI Coach is an opportunity to create an entry point into Software Development for people who weren't originally exposed to the discipline.

According to Roland van Hee, Sybrin’s Chief Technology Officer, “Using the Sybrin Low-Code Platform, we've developed a means to allow for interns to build complex solutions for processing documents and teaching the AI solution to extract meaningful information.” We have created 10 new job opportunities thus far through our involvement with the Youth Employment Scheme and have registered 6 unemployed youth with the Yes4Youth programme.


In addition to improving their soft skills, the YES programme also offers the youth the necessary hard skills in their career development by providing them with knowledge and experience in critical areas of software development as well as the opportunity to use the latest programming languages such as TypeScript.

As Sybrin, we are finding ways to harness our skills and expertise to equip young people with the tools and knowledge required to flourish in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are playing our part in youth job creation as we are aware of the need to ensure that South Africa’s young people enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution with the right skills and expertise.

Why say YES?

The YES 12-month quality work experience gives unemployed youth a dignified first chance at work which equips them with a toolkit to be a beacon of hope for their families, households, and communities.

YES recognises the critical role the youth play in shaping our economy and our country. Youth unemployment is a problem that cannot be ignored as six million young people are shut out of the economy. Therefore, YES seeks out ground-breaking ways through innovation, collaboration, and technological best practice to create one million jobs for South Africa’s youth. We are driven by business and supported by Government and Labour. The only way to reduce inequality is to get us all into work, to build incomes, and to invest inclusively.

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