Our latest offering in business digitisation

Earlier this year, Sybrin released a cutting-edge software platform to help innovate and digitise their customers’ business processes. Sybrin Enterprise Suite (SES), a low-code business digitisation platform, is a holistic framework that enables business demands to be addressed in an agile manner. This agility allows users to modernise their businesses by providing them with the necessary tools and solutions to suit a wide range of enterprise needs and deploy tailor-made, mission critical applications that deliver significant business benefits.

This latest innovative technology from Sybrin delivers a modern, web-based, cloud ready, highly customisable, dynamic software suite, with the objective to radically enhance customer experience, enable new business models, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Developed using the latest framework technology, this omni-channel platform is designed to be database, operating system, browser, hardware, and device agnostic. It offers rapid deployment, ensuring faster time-to-market with increased flexibility to develop according to your business needs by personalising, adding, and expanding features and solutions quickly and easily.

The platform can effortlessly integrate with legacy systems, making it possible to un-silo business processes by converging information from across systems for instant access with rich, dynamic dashboards and interactive reports, eliminating the need for costly system consolidation projects. This is the same platform on which all of Sybrin’s solutions are built, the result of years of experience from their specialist, first-hand knowledge in developing payments, case management, customer communications and channel management solutions, which suits the needs of multiple industries such as financial services, telecommunications, retail, public sector, and manufacturing.

"We are truly excited about our latest innovation, and we are certain that it will significantly change and improve the way business processes are currently performed."

Marius Mare
Our latest offering in business digitisation

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