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What is Mojaloop?

As the world’s first open-source platform for interoperability in a real-time payment network, Mojaloop is enabling low-cost digital payment services for everyone.

Mojaloop was designed to provide a reference model for payment interoperability, that can be used to overcome barriers that have slowed the spread of digital financial services. Whole, adapted, or as a blueprint – the Mojaloop Foundation’s open-source software can be used by organizations to build interoperable, digital payment systems that enable seamless, affordable financial services between individual users, banks, government entities, merchants, mobile network operators, providers, and technology companies – connecting the underserved with the emerging digital economy.

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According to the World Bank 1.3 billion adults globally are unbanked. 73% of those live in 25 countries identified to be part of the UFA2020 initiative.

Sybrin’s Deep Commitment to Mojaloop
and Financial Inclusion

As a Promoter MemberSybrin is exceptionally proud to also be a part of the Technical Governance Board and Product Council at the Mojaloop Foundation. Represented by our CBDO, Greg McCormick, the Mojaloop Foundation Technical Governance Board and Product Council includes industry experts like GoogleGenKey - Identity for AllOrangeMifos InitiativeGojo & Company, Inc.JPMorgan Chase & Co.ModusBoxmowaliApplied PaymentsINNOVECTIVES Inc., and IPSL Kenya. Together, we hope that we continue to grow the voice and diversity of Product People in the community as we work collaboratively to deliver the kind of impact we all want to achieve by reducing the barriers present in the adoption of digital financial services.

Mojaloop Foundation Product Council

Mojaloop Foundation Product Council

Advancing Financial Inclusion in Africa

In a Q&A Session with Mojaloop, Greg McCormick, CSBDO at Sybrin, discusses how Sybrin’s involvement in the banking sector across Africa, over the last three decades, has given us firsthand experience of the need for financial inclusion on our continent.

For more on the need to build a community of innovation actively geared towards empowering and uplifting the society in which we live and operate, read the interview here »

The Mojaloop Foundation has targeted bringing down the costs of finance and improving financial inclusion by providing open-source software. It is proving to be a magnet for like-minded organisations. Joining this community, working together to solve these problems is both exciting and rewarding. We are humbled to be doing so.

Greg McCormick

Greg McCormick
Chief Strategic Business Development Officer

Sybrin & Mojaloop

Sybrin is working with Mojaloop and its community on many levels. We participate in the following ways:

Mojaloop Foundation Roles

  • Technical Governance Board.
  • Product Council.
  • Community Council.
  • Marketing and Go To Market Efforts.

Specific Workstream Participation

  • Fraud Risk Management Transactional Monitoring – Lead Organization.
  • Reference Architecture Version 2 Co-Lead.
  • Business Process API Co-Lead.
  • Forex.

Our Integrations with Mojaloop

Sybrin’s Payment Hub, developed over many years and used by many banks, is fully integrated with Mojaloop.

  • Run Mojaloop as a rail or alternative payment option from within your payment hub.
  • Route from Mojaloop to traditional payment rails, banks and non-Mojaloop end points.
  • Drive Mojaloop by itself with our extensive framework of tools for business processes, settlement, recons, reporting, alerting, and audit control
  • Forex and cross-border capability via Mojaloop, SWIFT, SADC-RTGS, etc.

We offer

  • Support, for both open source and our own products.
  • Implementation and consulting from experts at running government switches and payment solutions across many industries.
  • Various models of support and management to include outsourcing.


Mojaloop Foundation’s vision and mission
Greg McCormick shares how Sybrin will support the Mojaloop Foundation’s vision and mission

Our Chief Strategic Business Development Officer, Greg McCormick, shares how Sybrin will support the Mojaloop Foundation’s vision and mission of advancing financial inclusion...

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Open-Source Fraud Risk Management System
New Open-Source Fraud Risk Management System in Development by Sybrin and Partners

Chosen for its leading experience in the fraud risk management space and regional expertise in Africa and emerging markets, Sybrin is leading an open-source FRM...

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Payments Hub integrates into Mojaloop
Sybrin’s Payments Hub integrates into Mojaloop and other payment ecosystems

Sybrin’s team has been hard at work developing a frontend to enable the integration of the Mojaloop software with other organisations’ existing systems...

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