LAWtrust Partnership

As the digitisation of the customer experience is becoming a leading priority for most industries, Sybrin is hard at work enhancing their digital business platforms. These platforms will enable their customers to not only meet their clients' expectations, but also to reduce excessive costs, whilst ensuring compliance in the fast-changing regulatory environment.

To this end, Sybrin has formed partnerships with both AIS and LAWtrust, to empower its innovative client and product onboarding platform.

AIS' DocFusion is a dynamic, template-driven document composition and automation engine, designed to help manage all document content and processes. DocFusion includes features such as digital signatures, dynamic barcoding, rule-driven content creation, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop designer, complex workflows, managed legal clauses, corporate identity libraries, and more.

LAWtrust's SigningHub is the perfect signing solution, providing a quick and user-friendly digital signing platform for sending, viewing, and returning signed e-documents. This web-based system is in the cloud, offering a completely secure mechanism for sending and receiving sensitive documents, with a full audit trail and proof of delivery.

"Our end goal is to provide our customers with a truly paperless onboarding solution by integrating not only with products such as DocFusion and SignHub, but also data providers such as credit bureaus and national identity databases to facilitate identity verification and credit scoring."

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