Innovation starts at home

We are proud to introduce our latest innovative in-house product: BlueBit; a deal composition and approval automation system. With Sybrin's ongoing success and constant growth during recent years, one might think that we are so busy delivering innovative solutions to our customers, that we might forget to innovate for ourselves, but this is simply not the case.

We practice what we preach;
We lead by example.

In our efforts to make things easier for our employees by streamlining and digitising our internal business processes, we have created a revolutionary, 100% Sybrin-developed deal composition and approval automation system. BlueBit is a cloud-native solution, running on Kubernetes, and will be used by our Sales and Exec Teams, as well as the BU Heads and Project Managers.

The system is driven by workflow automation and document management, enabling us to improve our internal sales processes by automating bid and risk management, deal composition, license costing, maintenance and support, as well as hardware and other professional services.

The deal composition module is driven by pre-defined business rules, while approval workflows ensure that company governance is adhered to.

Other features include:

Shopping basket functionality for adding standard products, services, and pricing/quotations.

Notification services for driving action tasks, approvals, and escalations.

Automated governance output using company document templates.

Central repository to upload and download documents associated with various cases for record keeping and future reference.

Audit trail for tracking purposes to view events on each case.

BlueBit is envisioned as a continually evolving solution, with an aim to extend its functionality and reach, by including contract, contact, and lead management, as well as campaign and project documentation management in the near future.

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