Sybrin & The Belgium Campus: Harnessing The Power Of Partnerships

Sybrin Systems and The Belgium Campus, an ITversity dedicated to the study of Information Technology, have joined forces to empower the country’s youth and address the skills shortage in the digital and ICT industry. In 2019, Sybrin hired 13 new graduates from The Belgium Campus, with the aim of training, and employing them in various technical roles within the company.

“To impact our innovation, we have gathered the best in the field of ICT and develop our community by providing work to newly-qualified graduates. The power of partnerships in driving innovation and enhancing customer experience is undeniable.”

Brendon Paul
Sybrin’s Chief of Customer Success

The partnership with Belgium Campus means a flexible and dynamic operating environment, that encourages experimentation and empowers teams to be truly visionary in their discipline and drive the kind of innovation that cuts through all industries. Partnerships that result in elevated experiences, through dynamism and innovation, can mean staying ahead of the curve. Further to that, with the help of Sybrin’s Knowledge Center, they ensure that continuous learning and development takes place so that the teams are always at the top of their game.

Sybrin has employed 48 Belgium Campus graduates over the last 4+ years, in various departments across the business, and hosted 10+ experiential learning students. A former student at The Belgium Campus, Tyrone du Plessis, a Sybrin Application Support Analyst says: “I feel that Sybrin has created an inviting environment that allows us to collectively collaborate to build towards the future.” Du Plessis says he heard about Sybrin when the company came to The Belgium Campus on a Career Day. Another Belgium Campus Graduate, Gontse Mokhukhwane, a Sybrin System’s Business Analyst in the Financial Transactions team says: “If you're looking for growth, mentorship, and fast-tracked career advancement, Sybrin is the best place to be.”

“Belgium Campus ITversity has been working in close collaboration with Sybrin over the last few years. They have been involved from recruiting of students for their experiential learning year, to providing input in keeping our curriculum up to date and relevant in meeting the requirements of the industry. Sybrin has also been providing bursaries to some deserving students. By 2018, there were nearly 60 Belgium Campus alumni and experiential learning students working at Sybrin and this has contributed tremendously to the vital experience these young people are getting in the industry,”

Theodorus Kritzinger
Administrative Dean, The Belgium Campus

According to The Digital Academy, South Africa is currently facing an estimated ICT skills shortage of between 30,000 and 70,000 professionals and many ICT professions are on the National Scarce Skills list. The partnership with the campus has ensured that the incumbent employees - the students - are industry-ready by providing them with the required skills, , and business acumen so desperately needed in the industry. From Sybrin’s perspective, the partnership allows the company to contribute to the success of their clients, by creating innovative solutions to increase overall productivity, supported by highly skilled teams.

About Belgium Campus

Established in 1999, Belgium Campus produces employable graduates, offering their students the best business-orientated IT education possible; so that they can graduate and immediately add value to any company that employs them, in an evolving economic environment. Through various corporate partnerships, Belgium Campus offers their students a superior education, partnering with as many businesses as possible to ensure a tailor-made curriculum that fits the corporate’s business needs, and to obtain their financial assistance to give as many students as possible access to Belgium Campus. In return, they supply businesses with employees who have the skills to make it in a corporate environment.

About Sybrin

We have over 20 years’ experience in the industry, operating in over 20 countries. We aim to provide a globally recognised platform, and an app store that enables digital transformation in any industry, giving customers the control, insight, and agility for a competitive advantage. We have a clear vision of the future but are equally well grounded in the reality of the present. It is with this vision in mind that we create meaningful partnerships, with the aim of imparting and improving skills, while making a difference in the lives of South Africans. In a constantly changing environment, having skilled, technology-focused individuals is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges faced by our clients.

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