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We are Sybrin

We are a dynamic, and collaborative result-driven team of people who are passionate about what we do. Our working environment and excellent culture pride itself on diversity and inclusion.

Best Culture of Learning

We are proud to announce that Sybrin has been awarded Best Culture of Learning (under 500 employees) by the LinkedIn Talent Awards 2021.

This recognition is an acknowledgement of our employees' unwavering efforts towards developing themselves, and learning new ways of doing their work, which collectively shapes Sybrin’s commitment to helping our clients become the digital enterprises of tomorrow. Thank you LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning for this honor, and congratulations to the talented Sybrin Team.
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Sybrin Life

At Sybrin, we understand nothing ensures our success more than a happy team, as such, we’ve ensured that Sybrin is built on a culture of trust and a sense of ownership in all our endeavours.

The Sybrin Way

People are most effective when they are focused and at ease at work. Our culture and environment are designed to enrich our mental, physical, personal, and professional selves. We demonstrate this through our behaviours which are guided by our values:

Our Values

Our Truths

We cultivate positive change, to optimise the now, and innovate tomorrow.

We are driven by purpose, and the desire to provide solutions to today’s complex problems.

We put our customers at the centre of everything we do, their success is our priority.

We aim to transform the concept of solution building by putting the power in the customers’ hands.

We strive for continuous improvement and learn from every interaction.

We question to understand and apply critical thinking to build effective solutions.

We believe that trust in our brand comes from transparency and integrity.

We solve problems creatively, experiment boldly, and action efficiently.

We foster a safe and inclusive work environment, where we are free to be ourselves and do our best work.

We accept challenges and overcome them with courage, confidence, and commitment.

We pursue ideas that have the potential to change our company, our country, and our world.

We are driven to improve people's lives through technology.

Syborg Profiles

Our software makes it possible, our people make it happen.

Sybrin Habitat

Happiness increases motivation, and increased motivation leads to greater productivity. At Sybrin, we have made sure that our surroundings promote collaboration and productivity.

Sybrin Cares

At Sybrin, we believe that in order to create sustainable impact and value for the communities in which we operate, we need to empower South Africans with the tools and skills they need to further help themselves. Through our support of various initiatives including the Santa Shoebox, and Movember; as well as the New Hope Dog Rescue Center, we are committed to making a sustainable difference for all who live in South Africa.