Business Banking

Frictionless B2B and B2C Transaction Handling.

A frictionless digital channel that provides seamless connectivity, B2B and B2C transaction handling, and total user control - delivering the promise of connected corporate banking.

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how it works

Connected. Configurable. Focused.

Sybrin Business Banking is a cutting-edge technology stack that allows you the freedom to manage corporate solutions in a single environment. It is a web-based solution, designed to centrally consolidate, monitor, and manage payments as well as other corporate solutions. It also supports seamless integration with line-of-business systems as well as a range of third-party solutions, extending the range of solutions typically offered by other business banking platforms. It's ideal for both large multinational banks (running a variety of back-end processes), as well as smaller more localised banks, and other financial institutions.

Solution Diagram
Corporate Portal

User Management

Transactional Services

Corporate Digital
Enablement Platform

Operational Portal

User Management

Transactional Services

Corporate Registration

User Management

Corporate Management

Sole Proprietorship

Corporate Preferences

Transactional Services

Transactional Services

Corporate Engagement Services

Payment Services

Trade Finance and Supply Chain Services

Non-Transactional Services

Lending and Credit Services

Value-Added Services

Back Office and Line-of-Business Systems Integration

Core Banking Systems

Payment Processing Systems


AML and Risk Compliance

Card Management

Treasury Services

why it works

Purpose-Built with Additional Customisation, Allowing for the Perfect Fit.

This solution is designed to cater for the needs of any corporate size. Informed by our years of experience in the market we can assist you to find your ideal fit.

Why choose us

Small to Medium Enterprise (SMEs)

Specific regional geographic needs.

Rely on 1 or maximum 2 banks.

Payments and transaction initiation.

Basic needs for accounting.

Middle Market Commercials

Territory based regional operations.

Scalability and stability.

Remote approval.

Growing Treasury needs.

Large Corporations

Multi-bank connectivity.

Wider geographic presence across continent or multiple countries.

Regional and international best practices and compliances.

SWIFT and cross-border payments.

New payment integrations.

ERP integration.

Multinational Corporations

Global reach.

Multi-bank operational.

Compliance to all global standards.

Integration with all leading ERP, TMS.


why choose us

Secure. Scalable. Resilient.

Derive customer-centricity in corporate banking through digital transformation and speed to market, ensuring a competitive advantage. Our offering is purpose-built from the ground up using modern architecture principles:

Growing Corporate Marketplace

A marketplace of applications that can be expanded with new offerings as required.

Support for On-Premise or Cloud Deployment

Cloud agnostic and can be deployed in a private or public cloud.

Highly Scalable and Resilient

Designed with microservices running on Docker instances, managed by Kubernetes. This allows for horizontal scaling to support performance, scalability, and resiliency requirements.

Banking Industry Security

Built with security of data and users as one of the founding principles.

the difference

Powered by Low-Code Technology.

Our Business Banking offering was designed on the Sybrin Platform, leveraging its configurable nature to enable an omni-channel experience which is easily scalable, adaptable to new technologies, and enables a paperless environment.

Sybrin Business Banking

Single portal for all services.

Low-code, omnichannel platform easily adaptable.

Paperless, digitally mature.

Configurable, low-code, low support needed.

Reduced complexity, user friendly, empower to excel.

Other Business Banking

Multiple locations for different services.

Not scalable to new technologies.

Automated, but not digital.

Code-based, onsite support required.

Internet banking for corporates with limited functionality.


Designed for Today's Modern Business.

Our feature-rich Business Banking offering is designed to adapt to the unique and ever evolving needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and corporate clients.


Complex organisational structure handling.

Catered to small, medium, large, and MNC.

Multi-level approval.

Batch payments.


Corporate SWIFT/RTGS.

Corporate cheque deposit.

Commissions and charges.

Cash management.

Utility payments.

Mobile/quick pay.

Corporate salaries and deductions.


Corporate onboarding.

Beneficiary management.

Bank statements reporting.

Account management.

Account opening.

Corporate correspondence management.


Redefine Business Banking.

With a focus on automation, customisation, and real-time control and visibility, our solution provides your business customers with a more convenient and personalised banking experience.

Enhanced customer experience.

Reduced risk.

Increased productivity and efficiency.

360° View.

Frictionless transaction handling that protects the business model and improves performance.

Empower decision-making.

Build trust.

Real-time operations control and visibility.

Empowers banks to redefine and unleash excellence in corporate banking.

Seamless integration.

Sybrin Platform - Use Cases

use cases

Optimise Your Business.

Our product use cases can accommodate organisations across various industries and sectors by automating business processes. Ranging from enhancing compliance and regulatory processes, to optimising workflow through case management, we can assist you with your business needs.