Sybrin SA appoints
Gerhard Malan as new CFO

Sybrin is proud to announce Gerhard Malan’s appointment as Chief Financial Officer of Sybrin as from 1 June 2021.

Mr Malan brings extensive knowledge of operational finance, corporate governance, and strategic business modelling to the Sybrin team and will play an important role in our quest for global growth. More than just a numbers person, he is a creative strategic thinker who brings a new dimension to the business.

A registered Chartered Accountant at the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, Mr Malan has vast experience, including as Financial Director of one of South Africa’s leading IT Distribution companies, Rectron, a fully owned subsidiary of a JSE listed company.

For the past 3 years he has served as CFO of Viadex Ltd, an IT services company focusing on managed services and global supply chain, headquartered in the UK, where he gained experience in global compliance and expansion.

Mr Malan has also served on the Audit and Risk, Social and Ethics, and IT Steering committees at his previous companies, and brings balance, insights, and complementary skills in the complex business of the global IT supply chain.

I am very pleased to join Sybrin, and I bring over 12 years' experience as a Finance Director to my current role, alongside a passion for the discipline of analysing and explaining numbers to extract the critical information they carry, and the power they can bring to the business if properly curated and understood.

Gerhard Malan

Gerhard Malan
Group CFO

We welcome Gerhard to our dynamic team who are hard at work taking Sybrin to new horizons. As the business expands globally, Gerhard brings the necessary skills and experience to guide the business from a finance and regulatory perspective. We wish Gerhard all the best in this new challenging role that will ensure his own professional growth.

Marius Mare

Marius Mare
Group CEO

Tieto Partnership

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