Transaction Monitoring

Secure Every Transaction with Automated and AI-Powered Technology.

Streamline your compliance with quick and efficient detection and reporting of suspicious transactions in one central view, with an automated process, and global regulatory coverage.

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how it works

Monitor. Investigate. Control.

The solution actively monitors the processes within the organisation, including investigating suspicious patterns in transactions which is supported by the visualisation and interpretation of discovered anomalies, establishing an automatic process for evaluating processes, therefore establishing Continuous Control Monitoring. The accounts can also be marked as high-risk.

With a modular approach to solution architecture, Sybrin can align the product with the enterprise architecture strategy preferred by the customer, including authentication providers, three-tier architecture, and deployment offerings covering:

Cloud (Public cloud/Private cloud/Multi-cloud) On-premise Hybrid installation

We can capture:

Biometrics A live photo and compare it with an ID photo An ID document, populate all fields digitally, and check the authenticity of the document

We incorporate a few of our key solutions to provide comprehensive transaction monitoring, these include:

  1. Account Opening

    By digitising the account opening process through these interventions, we ensure a simple and easy customer journey, we also enable integration to an EDMS system so that documentation captured can be stored. The SDK is integrated to Sybrin DMS.

  2. KYC

    The KYC Portal enables checks on all customer details, successful or failed registration, with the reason and status. The status can be updated once the registration is complete or rejected by the bank ops/customer service team.

  3. SDKs and ID Capture

    Sybrin's SDKs verify that the photo of a person, from the liveness selfie, matches the photo on the identity document to determine if the ID belongs to that person; or verifies that the person's face matches an existing database. The Sybrin ID Capture product enables the rapid ID capture, extraction, and validation of over 4500 global IDs via mobile and web API. Use our SDK to add Fast, Easy, Intelligent data extraction to your mobile, or web app.

why it works

A Comprehensive Solution Tailored to You.

Our Transaction Monitoring offering provides you with various capabilities in one package, including document management, automated screening, as well as AML and KYC capabilities.

Real-time KYC verification

Once all the information has been captured by the customer on the channel, the following occurs:

Know Your Customer (KYC) is enforced.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies are enforced.

ID checks and verifications are conducted.

Checks and verifications are conducted.

Mobile phone verifications are conducted.

Automated sanction screening searches as well as verification checks via API calls are performed.

Sanctions and PEP list checks

Automated screening of all customers is run against PEP lists, watch lists, and blacklists across all onboarding channels. The Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) module enables the compliance department to quickly detect if there are risks related to politically exposed persons, sanctions lists, etc. The system scans the in-bound payments and out-bound payments, while it also carries out sanction screening of existing and potential customers.

Country filtering

The solution enables country filtering to ensure the accounts are not being opened from sanctioned/high-risk jurisdictions.

AML & Fraud Monitoring

A monitoring tool is provided for high-volume transactions and flags suspicious transactions. It also has fraud detection capabilities. The monitoring tool has the following features:

It analyses transactions in real-time for potential errors and discrepancies, automatically detecting and alerting the designated department for potential fraud before it happens.

Automatic notifications are integrated in the internal applications for potential errors or loss events, notifying the employee to stop or block all further actions/operations and displaying indicators/rules triggered on the case, actively monitoring the processes within the organisation, investigating suspicious patterns in transactions which is supported by the visualisation (optional) and interpretation of discovered anomalies.

Establishing an automatic process for evaluating processes, therefore establishing Continuous Control Monitoring.

Implementation of indicator/rules engine with typologies.

Data capture, analysis, and thematic segmentation of structured and unstructured information.

Analytics module combined with a rules engine with predefined rules of indicators that are customisable.

Extensive typology, indicator/rule catalogue with regular updates of a new regional and global scale.

Statistically processing findings for the purposes of predictive analysis.

Data matching and data mining for suspicious patterns within internal databases with connection to Open-Source Intelligence.

Monitoring publicly accessible databases and blacklists (requires subscription), actively crosschecking for potential links with internal database.

Integrating OSINT- Open-source Intelligence (Facebook, Twitter, Web, public company register…).

Case Management module dedicated to keep the track of decision making and investigation.

Rapid deployment of the Financial Crime and Compliance System and quick launching for live usage.

Document Management

This is an enterprise-scalable content and information repository for capturing and managing all forms of unstructured business information, ensuring that you that you have a broad, real-time, full view of content across the organisation. The module includes both document and records management. It has a retrieval process for the documents and instant sharing, and a user can retrieve documents by use of various key terms and fields. It also has indexing, upload, and reports generating criterion and can automatically assign each form a barcode number for purposes of archiving the physical documents.

why choose us

Global Experience Fostering Inclusivity.

Sybrin has been working with the Mojaloop Foundation, a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation initiative, to foster inclusive financial systems. We were chosen for a separate but related project, to develop and build an open-source transactional monitoring system for Fraud and Risk. This system was designed to work for the Mojaloop payment switch, or any other payment switch or banking platform scenario. It is built for the speed required of modern mobile and internet money or banking systems and handles all traditional payment channels as well. In this effort, we have been working jointly with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Mojaloop Foundation, Glenbrook Partners, a globally renowned expert on payment systems and related partners such as Financial Crime experts, Deloitte, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and many other global experts on this. This solution has been exceptionally funded and benefits from some of the world's best resources in the financial crime arena. It is built on the latest innovative technology with the best of modern techniques, and it designed for massive scalability. It also has at its core, an open-source initiative, and therefore reduces the costs of long-term operations. We therefore have full confidence that our transaction monitoring solution is world-class and will provide you with top-tier fraud and transaction monitoring built upon our experience with this project.

the difference

Putting our Experience to Work.

We have experience in implementing Digital KYC/AML, Transaction Monitoring, and DMS Solutions for various Insurance Companies and Banks within Africa as well as in some of our other regions. The implementations have occurred in Lesotho, Botswana, Kenya, the Philippines, and more. We are therefore well versed in adapting this solution to the varying requirements, procedural conditions, and regulatory or compliance needs within different jurisdictions. For more on these implementations, reach out to our team.


Optimisation through Automation.

With features such as active monitoring, predictive analysis, data analytics, and automatic alerts, your employees' manual efforts will be greatly reduced giving them time to focus on critical tasks.


Analyses transactions in real-time.


Automatically alerts the designated department.


Automatic notifications integrated in the internal applications.


Actively monitors the processes within the organisation.


Investigates suspicious patterns in transactions.

Control Monitoring

Establishes Continuous Control Monitoring.

KPI Engine

Implements Key Performance Indicator engine with topologies.

Data capturing

Data capture, analysis, and thematic segmentation of structured and unstructured information.

Data Analytics

Big data analytics module combined with a rules engine.

KPI Catalogue

Extensive Key Performance Indicator catalogue.


Statistically processing findings for the purposes of predictive analysis.

Data Matching and Mining

Data matching and data mining for suspicious patterns.

List Monitoring

Monitoring publicly accessible databases and blacklists.


Screening sanction and PEP lists.


Integrating Open-source Intelligence.

Case Management

Advanced Case Management module.


Rapid and flexible deployment.


Keeping Fraud at Bay.

Manage your transactions more effectively in real-time, reduce fraud losses, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Improved risk management.

Automatically detect and alert, in near real time 24/7, 365 days a year, on potential fraud before it happens.

Automated, digitised, and streamlined from start to finish.

Real-time transaction analysis for potential errors and discrepancies.

Real-time operations control and visibility.

Reduce the risk of financial fraud in real time, near time, and batch.

Screen and risk profile a client while also managing client records.

Run reports to provide compliance reporting and confirm a client's compliance status.

Sybrin Platform - Use Cases

use cases

Digitally Transforming your Business.

Our solutions are designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience. With a focus on innovation and technology, our products continue to evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of our customers.