Sybrin certified as a TCIB Payments Scheme integrator

Bridging Borders: Seamless and Affordable Cross-Border Payments with TCIB.

20 March 2024
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Avinash Naidoo

Avinash Naidoo

Following our announcement of becoming a certified integrator for the TCIB Payments Scheme, this article aims to create more awareness around this initiative, while also highlighting its benefits and exploring why Sybrin is ideally situated as a preferred integrator.

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Africa's First Regional Payments Powerhouse.

Cross-border transactions have long been marred by delays, high fees, and complex processes. But the winds of change are blowing, and the future of frictionless, secure, and affordable cross-border payments is here with Africa's very first regional, homegrown cross-border payments system.

Imagine a world where sending money across borders is as easy and instant as sending a text message. In the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, this vision is becoming a reality thanks to BankservAfrica's Transactions Cleared on an Immediate Basis, or TCIB, for short.

TCIB is a game-changer for regional integration. Built to level the playing field for businesses and individuals, TCIB empowers everyone with real-time, low-cost transfers across borders. Think multiple currencies, high volumes, and low values handled with lightning speed and robust security. It's not just technology, it's a regulatory-backed ecosystem ensuring trust and equal access for all authorised financial players.

Participants in TCIB include commercial banks, authorised non-banks like Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Money Transfer Operators (MTOs), as well as existing closed-loop money transfer services seeking to widen their networks. These participants are set to gain numerous benefits from TCIB, including:

Regulatory Support

Endorsement by SADC BA and PSOC , leveraging a committed regional regulatory framework.

Scheme Management Support

A governance framework providing risk management and dispute resolution.

Inclusive Development

Opportunity to be part of TCIB's evolution and to contribute to the scheme's growth.

Instant Payments Clearing

Assurance of real-time money transfer and final, irrevocable transactions.

24/7 x 365 Operations

A guarantee of continuous service, allowing transactions at any time.


An open-loop ecosystem that extends financial services reach.

Information-Rich Service

Centralised data management for enhanced business intelligence.

World-Class Security

Adherence to the highest security standards for participant peace of mind.

Messaging Standard

Built on the ISO20022 framework to align with global best practices.

Commercial Value

An affordable pricing model to promote financial inclusion.

Aside from the participants in the SADC region, integration points are also available into other African regions including the East African Community (EAC) and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa and East African Community (COMESA).

TCIB's introduction is a call to action for potential participants to join this growing network. However, navigating the TCIB onboarding process can seem complex, but rest assured, we've got you covered!

Sybrin TCIB Integration: Your Visa-Free Passport to SADC Cross-Border Payments.

As a leader in Africa's digital financial landscape, we have joined forces with BankservAfrica, the trusted financial infrastructure provider, for a giant leap towards a digitally driven financial renaissance within the SADC region.

The TCIB scheme, underpinned by the ISO 20022 messaging standard, positions us as an integral player in enhancing the financial inclusivity and connectivity among SADC member countries. This initiative is supported by a robust legal framework and scheme rules designed to protect all participating entities. By aligning with BankservAfrica, we assist in simplifying the TCIB enablement process, ensuring that member institutions can easily integrate into this transformative financial network. The synergy between our technological capabilities and BankservAfrica's trusted financial infrastructure creates an unprecedented opportunity for financial entities across the SADC region to join an expanding network, opening up new markets and corridors previously untapped. Together, we strive to simplify the complexities of financial transactions and foster a conducive environment for economic growth and development.

In essence, Sybrin and BankservAfrica's collaboration through TCIB is a testament to our commitment to driving financial inclusion, delivering value to stakeholders, and bolstering the financial well-being of the SADC region.

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Sybrin Integration

Local ACH
PPSP / Integrator
Clearing Settlement
ISO 20022 Compliant
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Sybrin Integration

Local ACH
PPSP / Integrator

Key Features.

Real-Time Transactions

Accelerating the speed of cross-border payments, enabling instant clearing and differed settlement.


Open to all authorised financial service providers, including commercial banks and authorised non-banks.

Compliance and Security

Adherence to ISO20022 standards and a commitment to world-class security protocols.


Facilitates an open-loop payments ecosystem, offering expansive market access.

Data-Driven Insights

Provides enriched transaction data, enhancing visibility for financial institutions.


Structured to be economically viable for participants, promoting financial inclusion.

Meet the Leaders: Guiding Financial Institutions Towards Success.

At the helm of this transformative initiative are industry leaders Brendon Paul, CEO of Sybrin Africa, and Avinash Naidoo, Payments Product Manager. With their expertise and guidance, financial institutions navigating the TCIB onboarding process can expect tailored support and seamless integration into the TCIB network.

Brendon Paul

Brendon Paul

Africa CEO

Brendon leads Sybrin's expansion in Africa, ensuring that Sybrin's solutions are tailored to the unique needs of the African market, aligning with regional regulatory frameworks to add value to the financial ecosystem.

Avinash Naidoo

Avinash Naidoo

Payments Product Manager

Together with his team, Avinash oversees the development and management of payment products, focusing on delivering products that are not only compliant with international standards, but also resonate with the market demands of the SADC region.

Contact Sybrin's leadership team today and unlock the potential of this transformative payment scheme. With our expertise and BankservAfrica's partnership, you can seamlessly integrate, boost your reach, and contribute to a more connected and financially inclusive SADC region.