Sybrin certified as a TCIB Payments Scheme integrator

Sybrin Certified as a TCIB Payments Scheme Integrator.

05 Dec 2022
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Sybrin is proud to announce that we are a certified integrator for the BankservAfrica TCIB (Transactions Cleared on an Immediate Basis) Payments Scheme. We'll be taking an active role in promoting and enabling the scheme's ecosystem across the SADC region and beyond.

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Sybrin is highly invested in the African digital renaissance for financial inclusion - with low cost and access to financial services, backed by an interoperable technology at its core, as key ingredients for its success. Sybrin is the service provider of three Clearing House Switches in Africa, namely Zambia, Kenya and Lesotho (all either on ISO 20022, or imminent). With TCIB underpinned by ISO 20022, and with most of the biggest banks in Zambia as clients, supported by our local office there, we believe that Sybrin is well placed to add TCIB as an additional payment rail to the Zambian Electronic Clearing House (ZECHL). We are eager to help any SADC TCIB participant integrate with TCIB and provide them with any of their customer onboarding requirements as well.

Brendon Paul

Brendon Paul

Africa CEO

We look forward to joining BankservAfrica in their efforts to simplify the enablement of the BankservAfrica TCIB, and working closely with their teams. Read their full announcement here


About Sybrin.

Sybrin is a leading global provider of financial services, insurance, and telecommunications solutions. Everything we deliver is based on our knowledge of complex solutions complemented by 30+ years of experience. We focus on developing, implementing, and supporting end-to-end systems through the Sybrin Platform utilising Rapid Application Development (RAD) technology.


About BankservAfrica.

BankservAfrica is the trusted payments partner and Financial Markets Infrastructure (FMI) to the financial services industry. As the largest automated payments clearing house in Africa we clear and process billions of low values card, ATM and EFT transactions annually. Our role in the South African National Payments System (NPS) is to facilitate interoperability between the banks and ensure regulatory compliance with our regulators against international banking security best practice and standards and reduces risk and complexity in the industry.

We continue to strive to be a world class and pre-eminent payments operator, innovator and payments partner of choice in Africa, by simplifying our worlds through combining trusted transactions with sensitive information.

BankservAfrica's national responsibility is to provide safe financial payment services for 60.6 million South Africans, irrespective of their location in partnership with our shareholders and partners.

With a 50-year history in South Africa, BankservAfrica operates 24/7, 365 days a year and delivers on very strong SLAs.