Digital Branch

Customer Experience Reimagined.

The Sybrin Digital Branch solution has all the tools needed, in one platform, to digitally transform your branch to create the best possible in-branch customer experience.

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how it works

Modular. Flexible. Efficient.

Sybrin Digital Branch is a highly customisable multi-experience digital banking operating system which can be deployed on top of any core banking system.

Powered by the Sybrin Platform, it fast-tracks the bank's ability to digitise teller processes and create extraordinary experiences for customers and employees alike. This is made possible through a single User Interface (UI) for teller functionality.

By design, it is web-based, modular, and backward compatible to ensure we can provide the customer with straight-through-processing from teller, through to the core banking system, and ACH. This modularity enables a unique ability to deploy and manage individual payment streams thus reducing the customer's risk of large deployments and providing the stage for a phased implementation.

Digital Branch

Payment Types


RTC/RTP Alternate Payments RTGS Card Payments Remittances/Money Transfers Bill Payments Cheque EFT Payments EFT Collections/Direct Debits


Cheque EFT Payments EFT Collections/Direct Debits Cash Forex


TCIB SWIFT Remittances/Money Transfers


Direct Debits Mandate Manager Standing Orders Manager Debit Orders Manager Identity Verification Settlement Management AML FRM Statements Cash Vault Management

General Functionality

Payment Management

Integration Management



Core Banking Systems Notification Gateways Payments Hub/Back-end Processing Engine

Workflow and Rules Engine

Reconciliations Exception Handling Fating Reporting and Dashboards Table Maintenance Process Flows

Front-End Portal

Maker Checker Exception Handling Reporting and Dashboards Table Maintenance Rules Engine Back Office

System Administration

Role and User Management Auditing Security

Teller Management

Start of Day/End of Day Role and User Management

Reporting and Dashboard

why it works

The Right Tools for the Job.

To build the most efficient and effective omni-channel digital banking platform, we provide five key components accompanied by various supporting features.

Digital Branch

In-branch customer experience reimagined.

Payments Hub

Modern, unified, processing platform.

Business Banking

Frictionless digital channel delivering the promise of connected corporate banking.

Intelligent KYC and AML

Automated KYC and meeting regulatory compliance.

Account Opening

Fast, reliable, and efficient omni-channel account opening.

why choose us

Digitise. Modernise. Revolutionise.

International research shows that going paperless can cut operating costs at financial services firms by as much as 25%. The specific cost of managing and storing paper records can be reduced by up to 70%. The potential benefit to a Bank's bottom line is enormous.

The Digital Branch solution enables the branch through the automation and straight-through-processing of the teller activities, improved cash management, signature, and mandate verification. A key enabler is the scanning of cheques via the teller that includes the functionality of back-office clearing and further supporting cheque truncation required by the Central Banks.

the difference

The Ultimate Digital Experience.

Sybrin's Digital Branch offering is an omni-channel experience with unified communications and the best means to modernise customer interactions, providing the ultimate mobile and digital experience. It integrates with any existing backend host banking platform and mobile banking application, combining the front, middle, and back-office tasks into one simple answer.


All-Inclusive Functionality.

Our Digital Branch offering is feature-packed to provide your customers with a seamless and personalised digital experience.

Paperless deposit, withdrawal, and remittance processes.

UIs to interact with cheque scanners, cash counting, and/or cash recycling machines.

Seamless integration into queue management.

360° Customer view.

Case management.

Intelligent KYC and AML.

Integration with VPC, EFT, and additional backend solutions to provide straight-through-processing.

Intelligent document recognition.

Supports and enables biometric authentication at teller point for withdrawals or transactions.

Insights into branch and teller performance.

Utility and/or bill payments processing and management.

Emailed transaction receipts.


Evolving and Engaging.

Our offering automates many of the manual processes associated with the traditional in-branch experience, enabling banks to process tasks faster and with fewer errors.

Short time to market.

Engaging user experiences.

Increase banking service speed.

Increase and monitor teller productivity.

Reduce human error.

Reduce fraud.

Reduce storage costs.

Paper and printing savings.

Enhanced customer experience with shorter queuing times.

No more banking silos.

Sybrin Platform - Use Cases

use cases

Innovate with Our Technology.

Our solutions are designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience. With a focus on innovation and technology, our products continue to evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of our customers.