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Automate Casework for Improved Decision-Making and Increased Productivity.

Streamline your casework with flexible workflows which include comprehensive monitoring, alerting, and reporting.

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how it works

Automate. Track. Resolve.

Case Management focuses on placing case information, from multiple sources across the enterprise, front and centre. This allows employees to assess the case in full and make better, accurate, timely decisions in line with the enterprise's policies and procedures. It can work as a standalone application or can integrate with existing applications managed by third parties or the bank.

The Sybrin Case Management Framework supports the development of three types of case management solutions:

  1. Investigative

    Reaction to specific events or circumstances by collecting evidence to make an informed decision.

  2. Service Request Casework

    Making decisions based on the specific terms of a particular service.

  3. Incident Management

    Responding to or resolving accidents or complaints.

Using this framework, we can custom create the digital workflows and workspaces required by the caseworkers dealing with case-related work.

why it works


Built on the Sybrin Platform, our Case Management Framework is highly scalable and allows for fast integration. It allows for low-code application development lets the customer customise their solution to best meet their needs. Some key attributes that make the framework fit-for-purpose include:


Flexible workflows allocated/prompted as a case progresses.


Comprehensive monitoring, alerting, and reporting.


Case and operations dashboards for a unified view of operations.


Advanced Enterprise Content Management.


Automated capture across multiple incoming communications streams.


Optimisation, pattern detection, and exception analytics.


Case and task assignment based on staff skills.


Social links for collaboration, problem solving, and expertise sourcing.


Mobile capture and secure mobile process interaction.


Integrates into wide variety of hardware devices. e.g. scanners, biometric, and signature devices.

why choose us

Professional. Qualified. Dependable.

Sybrin has been implementing its Case Management Framework for over three decades and has extensive experience in this field. Over the years we've expanded our expertise across various new sectors and applied it to many new use cases. With a background solidly grounded in the Financial vertical our framework adheres to the highest standards as required by the stringent regulations applicable to the industry.

the difference

Optimise Business Processes by Consolidating Case Information and Workflow.

An industry-leading framework designed for the swift development and implementation of case management software with competitive and flexible pricing options to suit your specific business needs.

  1. Our Case Management framework allows for rapid creation and deployment of case management applications.

  2. Our document capability which includes our WebAssist component that is able to communicate to hardware devices like scanners, biometric devices, web cameras, etc.

  3. Pricing flexibility.

  4. Local support.


Enhanced Control with a Holistic View.

With comprehensive monitoring and reporting, dashboards, content management, and optimised analytics our offering provides you with a complete view.

Service-Level Agreements | SLAs.




Case audits.




360-degree view.

Task management.

User authentication.

Search and retrieval.

Records management.

Calendar management.

Case allocation and SLA.

Performance monitoring.

Enhanced customer service.

Integrations and automation customer service.

Intelligent cases and sub-cases.

Workflow and process management.

Case status and stages (workflow) and business rules.

Reporting and business intelligence, including dashboards.


Robust, Reliable, and Refined Case Management.

Improve customer service with quicker turnaround times, consistent outcomes, and an omni-channel experience that is seamless, personable, and easy to use.

Increase productivity.

Improve decision making.

Improve customer experience.

Decrease regulatory compliance risk.

Improve department collaboration.

Improve efficiency.

Automate, track, drive, and streamline casework.

Improve operations control and visibility.

Enhance client service.

Improve and track customer correspondence.

Maximise business profitability.

Regulatory compliance.

Sybrin Platform - Use Cases

use cases

Unlock Your Full Business Potential.

Our products are designed to streamline and optimise workflows, improve customer experience, and enhance operational efficiency, making them suitable for a wide range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, government, and more.


IT Governance

Audit Requests

Law Enforcement



Social Work

Foster Care


Service Request

Customer service

Claims processing

Loan Origination


IT Service Management

HR Management



Incident Management

Complaint Management

Quality Management

Medical records

Fraud Management

Natural or Manmade Disaster Management



Empower Your Employees with Better Decision-Making.

Take advantage of integrations to ensure that your teams are making better informed, accurate, and timely business decisions in line with your policies and procedures.

API for Case Services

The Sybrin Case Management Framework provides an open API for case services, case configuration, and case process configuration.

Common Integrations

Common integrations are Systems of Record i.e., ERP, Host Banking Systems. Integrations could also be Document Management Systems, Credit Bureaus, and Risk Systems.