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Why Partner with Sybrin

In today’s competitive economy, strategic partnerships are the cornerstone of long-term success. We believe that together we can achieve more, and to that effect, we want to forge strong, lasting partnerships with you to bring digitisation to the forefront across all industries and verticals.

As part of our Partner Programme, partners have access to a digital training platform, marketing materials, go-to-market strategies, and more. We also provide you with the necessary support to enable growth and success via a dedicated Partner Manager and supporting team.


Long-term revenue generation comprising of multiple income streams (Software Capex, Software Annual Maintenance Renewals, Services, Support, Application Royalties).

We provide considerable benefits to the selected partner.

Rapid Application Development and “Ready-to-Go” business applications available to partner at no cost.

A business process that has produced a proven track record and long-term client base.

Marketing support (web content, product brochures, technical documentation, event support, digital marketing support)

Technical support (Pre-sales, Project, and Support)

Training – Technical and Sales

25+ Years in application development on a low-code platform.

Sandbox environment to try out the low-code platform.

Freedom to add your own VS Code plugins where required.

Provision of staff assessment tools for recruitment.

Expected Outcomes

As a partner of Sybrin you can expect to receive personal support to help you accelerate your go-to-market strategy and add additional revenue to your business.

Partner Levels

Referral Partner

Do you know of a company that can make use of one of our software solutions and/or low-code platform, but don’t have access to, or don’t want to enter into a Build/OEM or SI partnership with Sybrin? You are welcome to refer this opportunity to the sales team and earn a referral commission if it is not already registered with us as an opportunity.

SI Partner

Do you want to expand your business and resell, implement, and support our software solutions and/or low-code platform? We will enable your sales team to sell them and train your technical team to implement and support it. Own your customer relationships and manage all contracting and invoicing, and earn 100% of the professional services.

Build / OEM Partner

Do you have a team of developers and have already invested in building your own software or want to build your own application? Then you can accelerate your development with either Sybrin’s low-code platform (Nitro) for rapid application development, or make use of one of our SDK’s to speed up the time to market on your own development.

Partner Onboarding

In this step we discuss each business and determine whether there are synergies in working together, and if there are we will sign an NDA to protect both organisations when sharing information during the next steps.


In this step, you get to evaluate Sybrin’s solutions and the company as a whole in more detail, and in turn, we will evaluate your business. The intent of this is to ensure that we are aligned with each other’s visions/strategies and that there will be value-added benefits for both in the envisaged partnership.


Once we have agreed that a partnership will be beneficial to both companies we kick off a process to formalise such with a partner agreement. We offer sales and technical enablement to our partners to ensure they are able to market and implement Sybrin’s software.


We will work together to determine what is required in your territory in terms of marketing efforts such as campaigns, roadshows, etc. Regular communication is key and we will endeavor to meet with each other as frequently as required by each partner to determine how we can help your business grow and to track opportunities.

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