Customer Onboarding via Secure Messaging Platform

Customer Onboarding via Secure Messaging Platform.

19 May 2021
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Recent advancements in trends and digital technologies are drastically reshaping customer expectations in the banking sector. Consumers are getting used to the notion of having everything available to them at their fingertips.

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This shift was massively accelerated by the unprecedented circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic. More people will be inclined to adopt online banking in the future, and even customers who were reluctant to adopt digital interactions have started to do so out of necessity.

A very useful and interactive way to achieve a frictionless customer experience through an automated solution, is by implementing a chat-enabled platform.

Customer Onboarding via Secure Messaging Platform

What is it?

An intuitive mobile messaging interface is one of the quickest methods of customer service and enables them to seamlessly interact and transact with organisations. This allows organisations to deliver services in the channels that customers prefer, as and when they need assistance. This also provides customers with a paperless solution and the added benefit for organisations of eliminating manual data entry on their side.

Why use the Sybrin and InTouch solution?

The InTouch application embeds a complete set of security features to ensure a bank-grade solution while providing scalable software as a service that protects your privacy and does not have access to any of your data. You are in control and the owner of all of your own data and InTouch cannot mine any user data for any reason.

Sybrin's seamless, real-time ID capture product enables the rapid ID capture, data extraction, and validation of over 4500 global IDs. while our frictionless and fast AI-powered onboarding solution enables you to verify and onboard consumers digitally. This involves a very effective automated process that leverages machine learning, AI, liveness detection, as well as facial and other biometrics to verify an identity by matching a user's live selfie with the photo shown on their government-issued ID. Other features include verifying residential addresses using geolocation or utility bills, as well as digital signatures.

Case Study.

By adding Sybrin's KYC and AML solution to InTouch's cutting-edge secure messaging platform, we delivered an effortless customer onboarding, KYC, and customer authentication solution.

What the Industry Needed.

Remote biometric onboarding and KYC through a mobile messaging interface.

Generic messaging workflow.

Benefits to the Customer.

Financial services customers can now have a generic messaging workflow method to quickly perform remote customer onboarding, remote biometric KYC, and customer authentication.

What We Delivered.

An Intelligent ID and biometric SDK to perform customer onboarding, remote biometric KYC, and customer authentication for the financial services industry via the InTouch secure messaging platform.