Sybrin Named a FinCrimeTech50 Company by FinTech Global

Sybrin Named a FinCrimeTech50 Company by FinTech Global.

9 May 2024
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FinTech Global, the leading provider of FinTech information services, recognised Sybrin yesterday as one of the most innovative anti-financial crime technology companies in the world, securing them a spot on their inaugural FinCrimeTech50 list. The finalists were selected from a list of over 400 nominated enterprises by a distinguished panel of analysts and industry experts.

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Leveraging AI to Prevent Fraud.

The FinCrimeTech50 list sheds light on the trailblazers in the anti-financial crime landscape, highlighting those companies at the forefront of developing cutting-edge solutions to address the evolving challenges faced by compliance teams worldwide. In their press release yesterday announcing the industry leaders, FinTech Global emphasised the growing importance of financial crime prevention technologies. As their Director, Richard Sachar stated; "Compliance teams face growing datasets that outpace traditional tools. Given this pressure, financial institutions are increasingly turning to AI to improve their fraud prevention, biometrics, risk management tools, process automation, and data analytics."

Sybrin is at the forefront of this trend, leveraging AI, machine learning, and data science to deliver a powerful ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) solution. It automatically performs real-time screening against global sanction lists and watchlists to identify and flag potential high-risk customers for further review, while onboarding low-risk customers quickly and efficiently. Built for inclusivity, it ensures precise recognition of every identity, and seamlessly integrates with existing systems, enabling tailored customer journeys and efficient onboarding processes.

"We are thrilled about the strategic partnership with Sybrin,” added Larry Venter, Head of EMEA and APAC at IPQS. “This alliance will enhance our offerings by combining our fraud expertise with Sybrin's onboarding solutions. As two companies with strong existing customer bases, it will also accelerate our combined reach across North America, Europe, and Africa."

Barrie Venter

Barrie Venter

KYC Product Manager at Sybrin

Sybrin’s AI technology increases accuracy and decreases workloads. The key benefit is its ability for continuous improvement and adapting to changes quickly. It drives efficiency through the automation of repetitive mundane tasks such as processing, capturing, and authenticating large volumes of data, thereby reducing human error, and freeing up resources to focus on other business priorities. More information about the FinCrimeTech50 companies for 2024, along with their profiles, are available to download in a research pdf here,


About Sybrin.

Leveraging their 30+ years of industry experience, Sybrin empowers businesses with a KYC solution that builds trust, reduces risk, and streamlines onboarding processes. Their platform seamlessly integrates with your systems, allowing for customised customer journeys, including account opening and onboarding processes. They prioritise trust, not only during onboarding, but throughout every customer interaction.

Their team of hands-on anti-fraud experts, drawing from extensive backgrounds in financial services, risk management, compliance, and regulatory technologies, is dedicated to reducing risk and streamlining onboarding processes. They take a consultative approach to help you leverage the best KYC solution for your specific needs. Sybrin remains united in their mission and focused on their commitment to customers.

Passionate about risk reduction and identity verification, they've honed their expertise in challenging markets like Africa and Asia, making them well-equipped to excel in the diverse landscape of the USA. Their KYC solution is built for inclusivity, ensuring precise recognition of every identity. With a global reach, they've sold 800+ systems across financial services, insurance, and telecommunications industries and deployed solutions in 20+ countries worldwide, serving over 100 customers. For more information about Sybrin and their innovative solutions, visit