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We are a dynamic, collaborative, and result-driven team of people who are passionate about solutions.

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employee value proposition | EVP

An Open Invitation to Open Minds.

Our working environment and excellent culture prides itself on diversity and inclusion. This section serves as a virtual tour for potential employees or new starters to everything Sybrin-related. Read all about our culture, career options, training, perks, and more.

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Rewards & Benefits

medical aid

Sybrin's staff have the privilege of enjoying medical coverage, and are allowed a choice of their preference among two leading medical aid service providers.

group risk

Enjoy peace-of-mind with our life group risk plan, eliminating the threat of financial ruin should a tragedy befall you, where you are unable to provide for you or your loved ones.

employee referral bonus

Refer a suitable acquaintance to work for Sybrin and enjoy a referral bonus upon them reaching their three-month employment milestone.

special leave

In addition to extra leave days for long service and complimentary off days during the December shutdown period, we also offer three yearly duvet days - for when you just feel like staying in bed.

hybrid work model

We understand the importance of balancing your work life and personal life. We therefore offer a perfect combination of working from home and interacting at the office.

social clubs

Join one of our social clubs to enjoy some of the many fun extracurricular activities it offers such as cycling, cooking, poker, LAN gaming etc.

sybrin knowledge centre | SKC

Our Academy offers a range of courses, including graduate programmes, leadership programmes, in-house training, as well as education assistance.

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employee wellness

We care about our employees' personal wellbeing, we therefore offer an assistance programme that include health and wellness, as well as financial and retirement advice.

team building events

Some of the fun team building events Sybrin hosted in the past include: cooking classes, go-karting, golf, obstacle course, and paintball as well as walking and cycling trails.

internal rewards programme | syborg rewards

We have our very own inhouse rewards platform, where you can recognise your colleagues for their hard work and can be recognised in return.

hot & cold beverages

Enjoy a variety of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate beverages, including complimentary milk and sugar - or simply cool down with some filtered water.


We believe in investing in our employees' careers, we offer them a variety of tailer-focused career paths to choose from and have numerous upskill initiatives such as LinkedIn Learning, leadership courses, remote management skills, mentorship and coaching, and talent management.


We create efficiencies for ourselves and our clients.

We take pride in the value we create and do great work.

We think and plan before executing.


We encourage different thinking.

We stand up for each other and voice our opinions without fear.

We take initiative.


We are courteous and respectful to all Sybrin staff and customers.

We ask for help and offer help to other Syborgs as we create 'one Sybrin' family.

Relationships are important and we notice each person and treat everyone with genuine warmth and respect.


We admit our mistakes and learn from them.

We are accountable to our shared success or failure.

We own and deliver what commit to.

demonstrate leadership

We communicate clear expectations, listen to understand, not respond.

We engage with our team to understand the situation, trust their word, and then make a decision.

We look for potential in others and help them grow.


We believe in the importance of a healthy culture. As such, we ensure that we regularly engage with our employees for feedback via surveys or discussions. Employees can choose from a variety of social clubs where they can participate in fun activities and let off some steam. We also care about our environment and communities, and advocate this through our 'Sybrin Cares' initiative with active employee involvement.

Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture
Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture Sybrin Culture
Work Environment

People are most effective when they are focused and at ease at work. Our culture and environment are designed to enrich our mental, physical, personal, and professional selves. We demonstrate this through our behaviours which are guided by our values.

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Employee Wellness

Employee wellness is an essential aspect of any organisation, as it directly impacts the productivity and success of the business. At our company, we prioritise the well-being of our employees and offer various resources to support their overall health and happiness.

Employee Assistance Programme | EAP

One of the ways we support our employees' well-being is by providing an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to all staff members. This Programme offers confidential counselling and support for a wide range of personal and professional issues, including stress, relationship problems, and mental health concerns.

Sybrin Culture

By investing in the wellness of our employees, we are creating a workplace culture that values and supports the whole person, not just their productivity. We believe that happy and healthy employees are more engaged and productive, leading to a more successful and sustainable business in the long term.

Financial Advice

In addition to the EAP, we also partner with brokers to provide financial advice and support to our employees. This includes guidance on personal finances, retirement funds, wills, and medical aids. We recognise that financial stress can have a significant impact on overall well-being, and we want to ensure that our employees have access to the resources and support they need to feel secure and in control of their finances.

Best Culture of LearningLearning ChampionSouth Africa

LinkedIn Talent Awards.

We are proud to announce that Sybrin has been awarded 'Best Culture of Learning' (under 500 employees) and 'Learning Champion' (below 1,000 employees) by the LinkedIn Talent Awards 2021 and 2023, respectively.

This recognition is an acknowledgement of our employees' unwavering efforts towards developing themselves, and learning new ways of doing their work, which collectively shapes Sybrin's commitment to helping our clients become the digital enterprises of tomorrow. Thank you LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning for this honour, and congratulations to the talented Sybrin Team.
#TalentAwards #SybrinCulture

Best Culture of Learning

career paths

Trust the Process, Enjoy the Journey.

Sybrin has grown considerably over the past two decades to become a leading global technology company in the provision of payment and information processing software solutions across various industries amongst leading corporations, banks, and clearing houses. Today we are a well-respected supplier in the banking and corporate sectors.

hiring process


11 paths

Our Software Developers are the problem-solving masterminds behind our innovative solutions, able to identify user needs and create new applications while making improvements based on the feedback from our users.

Business Analyst

business analyst

5 paths

As members of our product development team, our BAs analyses our clients' business domain, documents its processes and systems, outlines their business requirements, and matches a business model with the software we're developing.

Project Manager

project manager

5 paths

Being in charge of the planning, scheduling, budgeting, execution, and project delivery, our Project Managers ensure successful project completion by monitoring project progress, setting deadlines, and solving issues that arise.



5 paths

Our Software Testers are responsible for the quality of our software development and deployment. They are involved in performing automated and manual tests to ensure the software created by our Developers is fit for purpose.

Service Coordinator

service coordinator

5 paths

By continuously improving the level of service, our Service Coordinators build and maintain relationships with customers by ensuring that our customer requirements and organisational service targets are constantly met.


support engineer

5 paths

Our support staff monitor and maintain our systems and networks while responding in a timely manner to service issues and requests as well as provide technical support to all our clients.

hiring process

Do You Have What it Takes?

We are always on the lookout for talented candidates who are passionate about technology and innovation. Our recruitment process is designed to attract and retain individuals who not only have the necessary skills and qualifications but also share Sybrin's values and vision. Joining the Sybrin team means being part of a dynamic and innovative organisation that values its employees and provides opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  1. application

    We are steadily growing our team with staff who are dedicated, resourceful, and passionate about their work.

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  2. interview

    If you are the right fit for our team, we'll invite you for either a face-to-face or online interview. One with your potential direct line managers and another with some of our Directors for a culture-fit assessment.

  3. checks

    Credit, criminal, and qualification verification.

  4. Onboarding

    Once specifics like salary, benefits, and further aspects of the role have been agreed upon, you are now ready to complete the necessary documentation and sign your employment contract.

  5. you're hired!

    It's official! You've completed our onboarding process, and we're looking forward to building a successful relationship with you into the future!