Sybrin and Nybble Technologies Join Forces to Compliment and Expand Each Other’s Product Offering

Sybrin, a leading global and multi-industry software provider, have joined forces with Nybble, an innovative financial services technology company, on the 1st of August 2020. Their aim is to accelerate business growth in Africa and allow Nybble to expand on their delivery of scalable and robust solutions by leveraging off the Sybrin Nitro low-code and payment platforms.

The partnership was formed based on the quality they recognised in each other’s businesses and software, as well as the high standards each holds for customer support. Together, they will innovate and complement each other’s extensive experience in providing enterprise solutions to financial services providers.

Sybrin is one of the leading providers of digital transformation solutions across the globe and our new partnership is an exciting one. Teaming up with Sybrin gives us the opportunity to provide world-class solutions in many industries, but what excites us most is their low-code platform that will enable us and our clients to innovate freely, test safely, and delight customers reliably and consistently.

This specific partnership enables us to support our clients by launching new products faster than ever before, creating new revenue streams, harnessing the power of data to understand customers better, identifying potential risks, cross-selling, and deepening existing customer relationships as well as forging new ones.

Davith Kahwa

Davith Kahwa
CO-CEO, Nybble

We are very excited about our partnership with Nybble, they bring a wealth of experience in the African market with a proven capability to develop and implement complex solutions. Nybble has a passion for Africa; having already developed solutions to contribute to financial inclusion on our continent. Sybrin is aligned with this passion, energy, and vision, and look forward to growing this exciting partnership.

Marius Maré

Marius Maré
CEO at Sybrin

Nybble Partnership

About Nybble

Nybble Technologies is a financial services tech company dedicated to using technology to unleash people’s economic potential by integrating strategy, innovation, and risk management to advance financial inclusion and deliver responsible growth. Nybble was founded by highly skilled partners with more than 20 years of experience in information technology and financial services industries, working in over 25 countries across Africa.

Tieto Partnership

About Sybrin

Sybrin was established in 1991 and has more than two decades’ worth of experience in the provision of bespoke solutions in the payment and information management industries. They have sold more than 600 systems across Africa, Europe and the Middle East with over 250 employees who are dedicated, resourceful, and passionate about their work. Their solutions are currently deployed in 20 countries worldwide and they are actively expanding into new territories, experiencing a consistent growth rate of over 30% year-on-year. Their rapid growth enables them to best serve their growing customer base in and around Africa.

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